Committee Members

Rachel Effron Sharma, Chair
Will Miller, Vice Chair
Amir Naim, Member
Asiyah Sharif, Member
Hiba Ghalib, Member
Maritza Ramos, Member

The Asylum Committee is a group of Chapter members with significant experience in asylum law. Our mission is: (1) to provide trainings and continuing education seminars intended to increase the number of competent and willing asylum practitioners in the Georgia-Alabama area and to help more experienced asylum practitioners hone their skills; (2) to provide technical assistance and liaison services to practitioners representing clients within the jurisdiction of the Arlington Asylum Office; and (3) to strengthen our Chapter’s relationship with the Arlington Asylum Office by, among other things, relaying to the Asylum Office feedback from Chapter members about its processes and procedures, and then working with the Asylum Office to resolve outstanding issues.

Chapter members are invited to send us general or case-specific inquiries about all asylum-related issues.

2015 Meeting Minutes

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Asylum Liaison Instructions
Asylum Office’s Short-Notice List
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