Committee Members

Jennifer Bensman, Chair
Maritza Ramos, Member

The Donations Advisory Committee is charged with advising the GA-AL Chapter’s executive committee on how to allocate the chapter’s grant funds among non-profit organizations who meet the donation policy and submit a timely grant application.

Starting in the Spring, the Committee’s Chair will contact the committee members to discuss any changes, comments, or updates to the grant application template. The committee should also identify various non-profit organizations as per the donation policy. It will then distribute the grant application among the various identified non-profit organizations, and will also post it to the chapter’s website with instructions on how to apply. Once the deadline passes, the committee members will review all applications and decide on allocation of funds among the applicants, according to the budget set by the executive committee. Finally, recommendations should be sent to the Executive Committee by May 1st for distribution of funds.

Donation Policy – (1) First consider organizations that provide direct immigration services to the community. Any such organizations should have an attorney on staff to prevent unauthorized practice of law, and to be recognized by the DOJ. (2) Next, please consider organizations that advocate in support of immigration justice. (3) All organizations must have a IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation.

How to Apply? Applications should be received with all supporting documentation by April 15th. Please email your application to the committee’s chair at

Donations Application

April 1st – Applications Open Enrollment

April 15th – Deadline for Non-profits to apply

May 31st – Awards distributed.