This committee serves as the GA-AL Chapter’s liaison with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Office of Chief Counsel/Office of the Principal Legal Adviser. We have meetings with those two offices on an intermittent basis throughout the year to present member questions and concerns to the government as well as to hear the concerns of the government. We also help distribute information from ICE and OCC to AILA members.  Finally, our committee will be working on other projects of interest to our members related to ICE and OCC.

Committee Members

Peter Isbister, Chair
Anna Erwin, Vice Chair
Dustin Baxter, Member
Justin Cox, Member 

Questions for ICE/OPLA are generally collected in anticipation of liaison committee meetings which are scheduled intermittently between the committee and those two government agencies. However, Committee Chair Peter Isbister is happy to discuss with individual members facilitating individual requests for liaison assistance.

ICE Directory – Detained and Non-Detained 

2016 Meeting Minutes

AILA-ICE Minutes 03-23-16

2015 Meeting Minutes

AILA-ICE Minutes 11-20-15

AILA-ICE Minutes 7-30-15

AILA-CBP Tour Minutes 04-07-15

2014 Meeting Minutes

CBP Minutes 10-23-14